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Turnip help?

Hello! In a stunning show of timing, I just started playing City Folk about three weeks ago. :P For the last two weeks I've been playing the stalk market, and both weeks I've lost money. Annoyingly, per the turnip wizard, I'm going to be losing money this week, too (even worse than the previous two weeks!).

If anyone happens to still play, could I come visit if you have good turnip prices this week? (I'll take anything over 100!)

Related, does anyone know if time traveling makes you have bad prices? I'd rather not play with the time, but I work a full time job and so I can never check the AM turnip prices without turning the system clock back so I can check in the morning, then fixing it to the correct time and doing all my daily work.


The new AC 3DS game?

Was looking around LJ for some active Animal Crossing communities talking about the upcoming 3DS game, but it seems like they're all dead.

So I've created a new community specifically for the next game!

The Animal Crossing 3DS Community

News updates
Wi-Fi Events
Meet other players
Trade items
and much more!
Greetings, everyone! I was curious if anybody would be willing to help me out?

I want to make a new town, but I would love to still keep my DLC items. So my question is, would anybody be willing to help me out and keep said items until I get my new town started? I'd be willing to pay you the remainder of my Bells, or maybe some other kind of items.

I apologize if this is against the rules! Is everyone else still enjoying the game? Anybody have Animal Crossing related plans for Mother's Day??
Since my last post forever ago. A lot of DLC releases have come through. Sorry I haven't posted these!

Last of 2010 DLC ReleasesCollapse )

And now for the BEST DLC news. EVER.
Nintendo is sending out for
ALL regions
a new furniture series called, The Golden series.
1 item from the series will be released
every month
until December of this year. So far 3 items have been released.

Golden Bed - January

Letter (English).

Golden Chair - February


Golden Dresser - March


On the Japanese DLC website there are little previews for all of the releases by month. Here are the screencaps I took. January - June + July-December

Mailing to other towns - driving me nuts

Hi guys,

When I get to Pelly to post my letters to a different town there is no option to do so.
(only options are Kimono, Future self and Nevermind)

I've checked my settings on the Wii24 connect thing, and I've tried having my gates opened AND closed.....WHAT"S THE SECRET?????

How do I do this? It's driving me NUTS.

Do villagers return?

My little girl is weeping about the fact that her favourite AC character, Nate, moved away. I am not sure why it has suddenly upset her: it happened months and months ago - and while she has mentioned him now and again, it has never made her cry as it is now.

I don't want to give her false hope, but can anyone answer: do characters ever return? We've been playing for a couple of years now - how many characters are there? Surely in the end they must cycle through and return to the same ones?

Alternatively, does anyone have Nate in their town right now and could cheer her up a little by, I don't know, sending a photo through with a fake letter dictated by him or something?

Wii Clock wrong

I know this comm is a bit dead, but I have a question about my town.

My Wii clock is apparently set to some time in June, however I didn't realize this until after I started my town. Can I change the wii clock and my town still be okay? I know it will take the game back to January, which is okay or should I restart my town? I don't want to bork everything.
Sorry I've totally neglected posting DLC announcements! (._.)

First up Japan!

Shortly after getting the 'sporty wall', Japan received the 'sporty floor'. It matches the 'sporty wall' :P. Delivery period was 10th - 23rd October 2010. In game (with sporty wall). Letter.

Next is Korea!

To celebrate the Korean holiday 'Hangul Day (October 9th) a pattern was sent out called the hangul t-shirt. In game. The delivery period for this pattern was October 9th through the 16th October 2010. More info on the hangul t-shirt!Collapse )

The last DLC for October for Korea is the maple umbrella. It looks like a maple leaf. Delivery period is October 25th through the 31st 2010. In game. Letter.

The last DLC for the month is coming from Europe.

Following the pattern of receiving add-ons to already released furniture series. Europe received an new addition to the Mush series called the mush hanger*. The mush series is found by picking up mushrooms all through out November. *Note that in the North American game the mush hanger is called the mushroom rack. The items are the same just with different names based on regions! In game. Letter.

There are some
churning that Europe
receive an add on to the Gorgeous series that is on display at GracieGrace in The City. Again those are rumors and no one outside of Nintendo knows the next scheduled DLC items!

Last and seemingly least (lol), North America last received the Kapp'n Model. No official image as of yet since Nintendo didn't update their DLC page. Again. Delivery period ended September 23rd 2010. No hints of upcoming DLC items has been released. Hopefully that region will get something in November.

Don't forget on Halloween (October 31!) there will be trick or treating in game to collect the Spooky Series! Trick or treating starts at 6pm and ends at 12am. I hope everyone stocked up on candy (Nook has been selling them all month) or has costumes to get candy from villagers! Obviously I am super excited. I love events. :D

North American players were given a a random colored piece of candy for Grandparent's Day. So despite the DLC hint no DLC was released. :/ Shortly after on the 15th, Kapp'n had Pete deliver the 'Kapp'n Model'. Nintendo hasn't updated the DLC announcement page for the NA region which isn't a surprise.. Picture of the letter. Picture of delivery. Not sure when the delivery period ends yet.

Japanese players are currently receiving the 'Sporty Wall'. Delivery period ends October 8th. In game. Delivery. Letter.

Korean players are currently receiving the 'Hanbok' dress pattern. Delivery period is September 20th through September 26th! In game. Delivery.

Hanbok InfoCollapse )

No word yet on anything for the European players. There were rumors that the European/PAL region players also received the Kapp'n model, but I don't see anything on the servers for that region. If anyone here plays in that region please pipe in if you got the Kapp'n model!

Bug question


I've just joined the community but I'm a long time AC lover <3 It's so addictive XD

I'm currently on a mission for the Golden Rod and Net. The rod is going well but I have a question about the net.

I'm missing the fly and the ant (and the scorpion but that's a different matter XD)

I have some trash and candy ready to drop on the floor to get them but I have a Perfect Town and I've been questioning how doing this will effect it.

Putting these on the floor will take away the perfect town status, right? Will this kill all my Jacob's Ladders? @_@

And once I take the trash and candy off the floor- how quickly will the perfect town status come back again?

I feel like I'mm fussing over nothing but I really love my town XD

Thanks for the help <3


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