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ac_cityfolk's Journal

Animal Crossing: City Folk Community
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Animal Crossing: City Folk for the Nintendo Wii!
Animal Crossing: City Folk Livejournal Community!

This is an all-ages community for the discussion of Animal Crossing: City Folk for the Nintendo Wii. Please join up if you just can't keep your mouth shut about the new Animal Crossing!

This community is temporarily moderated. Thank you for waiting for your post to be approved by the moderators before it appears. :) Please read the rules below before posting to keep your posts from being rejected.

Community Highlights:
"Got a problem?" - How and why to use your Town Hall's complaint system.
What We Know So Far: 7.21.08 - Information gathered from E3 2008.
Animal Crossing Cake - Yes you read that right. Best cake ever.
What changes do you like? Dislike? - Changes from previous versions to City Folk.
Big Fish Shadow Sizes - Some fish are more equal than others.
Guide Mistakes - Found a mistake in the official guide? Post your findings here!
Guide to Hacking Your AC:CF Game - Feeling adventerous? Find out how to tweak your town exactly how you want it!


1. Posts must related to Animal Crossing: City Folk.
2. All ads posted for other communities, goods sales, etc. must be related to the Animal Crossing series.
3. Do not post friend codes or friend code requests.
4. Be cool. No flaming, harassment, or other kinds of ugliness please.
5. No adult content, please! Again, this is an all-ages community. :)

If you can do that, join up and if you feel comfortable, post an introduction letting us know a little bit about yourself and what you like about Animal Crossing (and what you're looking forward to most in Animal Crossing: City Folk.)

Friend Codes: This community is primarily for discussion of City Folk, please do not post friend codes here. For posting friend codes, try cityfolk_gates for City Folk and wildworld_gates for Wild World! (You may reply to a post in the comments with a friend code with text only; no friend code banners please!

Icon Posts: If you are posting Animal Crossing: City Folk LiveJournal icons, please show no more than three (put the rest behind a cut!) Only AC:CF icons are allowed; no multi-subject posting!

Community Ads: Only post ads for Animal Crossing communities. All others will be deleted.

Sales Posts: Real-world Animal Crossing items only (trading cards, cell phone straps, etc., no in-game items please)! ac_cityfolk is not reponsible for success, failure or damages resulting from sales between members and community visitors.