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Oh No!

So I bought the new blk wii when it came out and just set up last week and noticed that I have to start all over with my town. Somehow I completely forgot that my town would be saved on my old wii. Is there anyway I can recover it and get it on my new wii so I won't have to start again? Thanks in advance.
How many times do you need to get your shoes shined to get the opposite gender? Ditto for the hair styles? I have done all of the girl shoe shines. And I've done red and black 2 extra times by accident. For hair styles I only need to do grown up #4 to have done them all. Someone told me the *magic* number is 16 and someone else told me 12. Which I already have done.. >.> Also does it matter if you alternate between the same 2 styles? I'm tired of having shoe colors that I don't like. At least with ugly hair styles I can put on a wig. :D Restarting can be such a pain. :(


It looks like 16 is an accurate number. I just got the boy shoes I wanted with shoe shine number 17. :D

Also to toot my own horn I finally made my own patterns! It's seriously addicting. I'm getting the hang of making PRO styles but I don't really care since I mostly just look at the front of my character anyway. A few of the ones I have made so far are behind the cut. I use Anicro, Pattview and the Able Sister's store to make patterns. In that order. The patterns behind the cut were found at animalcrossingcommunity.com.

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Released down to the exact day and image Nintendo has sent out the hopscotch flooring for the North American region, again. :/

The next DLC hint for North America is:
The next scheduled delivery celebrates those sweet folks who spoil us rotten, grandparents!
Grandparent's day is celebrated on the first Sunday after labor day in the US. This year Grandparent's Day falls on the 12th of September.

Figurines/Playsets up for offers

Hello, I've got some Animal Crossing playsets up for offers, all are in a used condition and all packaging has been opened. You'll have to forgive me as I don't know what the proper names for these are ^_^; All of this stuff belonged to my little brother who has been doing a clear out. We have both played Animal Crossing since the gamecube game, but think someone else might get more enjoyment out of these as they've really just been on display.

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I will be clear that while the packaging is here as shown, it is all opened and in some cases damaged, please check out my photobucket if you want to see more detailed pictures of how the packaging has been opened. I don't want anyone to be under any illusions that it's mint in box, it's been taken out, we just happened to save the packaging.

Starting on the 9th of August the Korean region will be getting a
cake lamp
a shaved ice lamp (top picture). Distribution period ends on the 15th of August. The bottom picture is of the samgyetang bowl that is being distributed now and ends on the 8th of August.

Between August 15th and August 28th the Japanese region will be getting what looks like a cucumber horse (?). Similar to the eggplant cow that was released around this same time last year.

Being distributed now to the European region is the sweets player. It's a (very cute!) add on to the Sweets set that is now being sold at GracieGrace in the city. Distribution period ends on 15th of August.

No word on a North American region DLC yet. Nintendo still hasn't updated that region's official DLC announcement page.

New Korean DLC! - Samgyetang Bowl!

Samgyetang (Korean pronunciation: [samɡjetʰaŋ]) is a variety of guk or Korean soup, which primarily consists of a whole young chicken and Korean ginseng. The dish's name literally translates as "'ginseng chicken soup" in English.[1] Samgyetang is traditionally served in the summer for its supposed nutrients, which replaces those lost through excessive sweating and physical exertion during the hot summers in Korea.

Click for official Nintendo image!

Also earlier this month the Korean website posted this picture. There were rumors that a DLC was coming out called "the tube". Please note that no item was released and that the image showed items already in the game for all regions. "The tube" in game is called 'life ring'. As most people have noticed all DLC items can be found towards the end of the catalog. The life ring however does not. :) A letter
sent out to the Korean region but it didn't contain an item. According to the translation it was just a summer message. Source. Anyone claiming to have "the tube" or knowing a Korean player with one is just trying to get extra bells or items.

No other DLC released for the other regions have been announced so far. It's almost August so maybe next month something will be released!

Newly released HDLC items through the hacking program ez_dlc_install. Both items work the as golden axes. They cannot be cataloged and sell for 500 bells a piece at Nook's. Click images for full size.

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Also here is the official image for the Guard's Outfit + Helmet that was released to the North American region. I only had the screen shot from the Nintendo Channel before.


I haven't seen it posted, so I thought I'd mention that the new DLC is out. You have to log in twice to get it all, but Wendell gives you a Guard Uniform pro pattern and then Nintendo mails you a Guard Hat item. I'm not sure how long this will last. I thought that the video on the Nintendo Channel said May 9 - May 15, but the delivery seemed to arrive late for me. I hope this helps!

X-Posted to a few AC comms.

Post Your Map!

I did some restarting earlier today and I wound up with 2 really nice maps. So I thought it would be neat for everyone to post a picture of their map. sevenfisher's intro post reminded me that no one really posts pictures here. So yup. People post your maps!

I'm posting 9 of the ones I can actually find. 5 normal 4 hacked.

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Asia DLC updates

Nintendo seems to have finally remembered their Japanese and Korean City Folk players and is scheduling some new DLC items for release.

Japan should receive between May 5th and 18th a "Kintarou" hat and pattern. Both items are based on the Japanese folk legend of Kintarou, a child of super-human strength. Kintarou is a commonly seen character in noh and kabuki theater. Wikipedia says that it's common to display a Kintarou doll on Boy's Day (Children's Day) in the hopes that boys will become as strong and brave as Kintarou. Boy's Day in Japan is celebrated on May 5th, which coincides with the delivery of these items. (Girl's day is March 3rd, btw, also known as Doll Festival.)

Korea will also receive two items between May 5th and 11th - a "Blue Team Cap" and "White Team Cap". The white cap has already been distributed in Japan last fall, but the blue cap is new.

No further word on European or North American updates. Did anyone else in North America get the White DSi Bench in the past two or three weeks?


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